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Bressette Marketing LogoThere are plenty of smart business reasons for hiring a marketing firm, but increasing your visibility, brand recognition, and converting those into actual sales are at the top of the list. Capturing a profitable share of the market is often difficult process without professional expertise to guide you, but Bressette Marketing is a firm equipped with staff that have a wide range of talent and experience that provides a fresh perspective for target demographics of your business. There are a great many marketing strategies that are proven successfully but not all of them are always appropriate for every business. Our staff can guide you through the process and present you with sound approaches that are a good fit for your business.

About Us

To successfully increase your visibility and covert it into actual sales is no easy feat, but using a marketing firm that has a unique perspective within a wide range of sectors can give you the edge you need to compete with other business in your industry who are also using digital marketing strategies. Bressette Marketing supports in-house marketing staff and works as a consultants to firms that wish to utilize our services as a long term strategy for optimizing their online presence. Our team is dedicated to finding fresh approaches in digital marketing strategies that elevate businesses visibility, improves actual sales and strengthens the company’s brand recognition.

Our Services

Bressette Marketing has a global reach but also understand the needs of local businesses. Since the internet has created a digital marketing frenzy, there is a need for most business to have an online presence. Indeed without one, your business may be destined for long-term invisibility. Our services present strategies and opportunities to leverage the Internet as a creative form of communication with your existing and potential clients to increase your actual sales exponentially. We take great pride in the variety of sectors in which we work because it provides each of our clients with a unique perspective for what strategies are the most appropriate for their business and target audience.

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Lead Generation

To grow as a business you require new avenues to sell your goods and services and that’s not always easy when there are other players on the field doing the same things you’re doing. That’s why it’s critical to research your targeted audience and discover the paths to wooing them to purchase your good and services. Bressette Marketing offers specialists that provide clients with fresh approaches as well as new insights for possible shifts in targeted audiences that will increase your actual sales. We take great pride in offering non traditional solutions to generate better business opportunities.

Digital Marketing

At this point digital marketing is a prerequisite for serious business owners otherwise your business is not reaching its full potential. By and large consumers are now using smart phones and the most dependable way to reach them is via digital marketing. Our staff of specialists do a superior job analyzing our clients demographic and help them target their digital marketing with precision. This means they are creating strategies with only the most appropriate methods for that specific business to reach their unique audience. After having served hundreds of clients, we can emphatically tell you that digital marketing is a critical part of sales success for every business.

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Search Engine Optimization

Often heard of, and seldom understood fully Search Engine Optimization is everywhere, and yet only a handful of locations actually bring you a fully established and working access of this service. At Bressette Marketing we have been providing SEO for local Northern Virginia area companies for years, and know what it takes to bring the best, and most clearly visible results to your website.

Google Adwords

The best leads drive your business, and when doing any form of sales, the old foot in the door will always reign supreme. At Bressette Marketing we bring your website the lead generation services it needs to work as an active salesman on your behalf, and bring you in leads that you can depend on. Through our services we instruct you on how to capitalize on this generation, and to turn leads into sales, and sales into success.

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Facebook Advertising

With billions of unique individuals logging into Facebook every month, it’s easy to see why this form of advertising is one that needs to be capitalized on. At Bressette Marketing, we bring you a service that organically introduces your company to your target demographic, and brings you the means of awareness that only social media can bring. With our specialized and professional service you have the means to tap into this vast network for the benefit of your business.

Google My Business

Almost every service we provide is digital marketing in one form or another, whether through bringing you a website, advertising on Facebook, or through any other form of social media. What we do at Bressette Marketing, is market your company with tried and tested techniques, to bring your business the edge in the digital market. You can depend on Bressette Marketing to bring you the experienced, and specialized service needed to effectively market online.

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Promotional Products

When it comes to quality promotional products, there is no one better in Fredericksburg, VA area than Bressette Marketing. We have worked long and hard to establish our brand, and from drinkware to apparel, we have a promotional product that will help your brand. We have seen our promotional products used for a variety of uses, and here are just a few of them. You can use your product for a gift for a long-standing client, a promotional item used in giveaways, or outfit your entire squad with custom apparel.


Custom and promotional clothing are one of the easiest ways to get your brand on your clients! Whether you are looking for branded t-shirts, polos or even sweatshirts, the team at Bressette Marketing has the perfect piece of clothing for your clients. Plus, our team can provide you and your company with branded clothing that will make you stand-out. No matter your vision, our team of highly skilled silk scanners, will be able to deliver a top-notch product that you will be proud to wear, and give out!







Writing Instruments

We all need a pen during our workday, and as one of the most popular promotional gifts in the industry, we know our way around our writing instruments. We have provided thousands of pens, pencils and styluses for our clients over the years, and we love it. Writing instruments are the perfect way to get your brand out there with ease, and they provide you with a great handout at your next conference. From fancy pens to your ordinary golf pencil, Bressette Marketing does it all!


When it comes to gifts, a great bag will go a long way. For the team at Bressette Marketing, we can customize everything, and this includes bags! We have customized cloth grab bags for conferences, laptop bags for five year work anniversary gifts and even backpacks for college sports teams. No matter what you have in mind, the team at Bressette Marketing will be able to deliver a phenomenal bag for your promotional products! Plus, when you are heading out to the big conference, rolling up with a customized laptop bag with your company logo will give you a hop in your step.








Think about all of the promotional products over the years, do you know what one you got the most use of, probably a technology product. Whether we are talking about a USB drive with your companies pitch deck or a portable charger, today’s technology products are budget-friendly and useful. Plus, with the team at Bressette Marketing, we will be able to customize and brand these products with ease. So, the next time you are looking to hand-out promotional products, you might want to consider some tech instead of the standard pen.


From cups to mugs, the team at Bressette Marketing has been providing quality drinkware promotional items for years. We can brand and customize everything from to-go mugs to glassware, and we love it. See how Bressette Marketing can increase your brand awareness as your clients enjoy a cup of joe in their very own mug!





Some clients require rapid results and others have a more long term strategy they wish to employ, but regardless of their plans, when they contact us we are prompt to return the call. Bressette Marketing provides every client with a clear, honest, and detailed picture of our experience and previous work so that they can make informed decisions about working with us. We provide these details upon initial contact because we know that not every business is a good for our expertise. We take great pride in the wide range of sectors in which we have expertise as well as pride in our global reach.