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FaceBook Advertising

When you decide to advertise on Facebook, you have the potential to access more than 1 billion users worldwide that have the opportunity to gain information about your goods and services. But more importantly you have access to thousands of distinct demographics of users and Bressette Marketing can help you distill them into measurable successful encounters that leverage those relationships into actual sales with your business.

There is a great deal of competition for Facebook users and advertisers must be savvy for how to make use of access to so many people at one time. Using a marketing firm with deep expertise with Facebook Adversting is sound business decision making.

​​​Greater Access to Targeted Audiences

Whether you’re target market is women, bicycle owners, people looking for high end mattresses or families who want to take a vacation to see elephants on safari, Facebook Advertising can supply you with that ready made audience to convert into actual sales.

There are a number of simple ways to shape the parameters of your demographics that Bressette Marketing has a great deal of experience assisting clients to consider. Many parameters include issues like targeting people who have significant events upcoming in their life such as marriages and birth of children or the types of personal and household items that Facebook users might be purchasing.

These are all demographics that can be teased out to benefit your company’s specific segment of the market.

Flexible Medium for Connecting With Users

Reaching new customers isn’t easy and sometimes words online in blog posts or public relations e-blasts and other typed content doesn’t garner the high volume traffic and attention you may have hoped.

But Facebook Advertising is a flexible mediums that can accommodate content other than words, pictures and video are often great tools to use to capture higher traffic, and convert into meaningful sales, provide your company with better opportunities for branding that results in consumers recognizing your company.

Cost Effective

If you’re looking for a high impact, cost effective marketing strategy to reach customers globally, Facebook Advertising is one of the cheaper avenues to use and you can easily track how your costs impact sales growth because it is highly measurable.

Bressette Marketing staff can evaluate your marketing campaign goals and help you determine which strategies should be adopted or revised and replaced with Facebook Advertising to see improvement in your brand recognition as well as demand for your goods or services.

Why Hire Us

The competition to convert Facebook users into customers is fierce for advertisers and requires a high level of specialized knowledge to effectively leverage its benefits for businesses.

Bressette Marketing has well proven track record in a wide variety of sectors for helping businesses secure a greater share of recognition and sales from using Facebook Advertising.

We are well known for our ability to garner traffic coming from distinct segments of social media that are the precise demographic your company is seeking to increase your sales exponentially.

Our strategies for Facebook Advertising have a history of gaining our clients repeat business from their customers as well as creating a path for relationships with new customers.