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Google My Business

When you’re a small or medium size business, building a great website that represents your business and brings high volumes of online traffic that also converts to real sales is key strategy for competing against other business.

Google My Business gives you the power to take charge of your brand and connect with potential customers without breaking your marketing budget because it’s free to use. But as a business owner you have competing priorities that require your attention that make managing Google My Business a difficult prospect to maintain without the support and expertise of a third party.

That’s when Bressette Marketing can be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy to keep your goals of eliciting high traffic, attention to new clients and maintaining the day-to-day aspects of your business.

Improve Your Search Ranking

There are a great many strategies you can employ to improve your online ranking and get the attention of potential users you wish to target. Google My Business as a free service is a cost effective methods that when used with a sosphisticated approach, can catch potential clients attention in a number of ways that make it much easier for you to gain their business. But it’s critical that your business profile information is accurate and is well written so that it becomes easily listed in word searches.

Bressette Marketing has years of experience and is well versed in numerous sectors to provide clients with the expertise needed that make using Google My Business a great strategy to secure potential clients who are are using Google Maps and searches.

Improve Engagement with Local Customers

Google My Business makes it much easier for potential clients to find you and for you to engage with them, particularly if they are local. Enticing potential customers through your proximity to them and using pictures and videos can be a huge benefit to smaller companies, allowing them to compete with larger companies that may have more visibility and brand recognition.

When potential clients see you are accessible by phone and your business hours as well as a map for reaching you, those details support the leap they make into using your business for their goods or services needs because you are available. Your opportunity to engage with them can increase exponentially because many customers value their ability to readily communicate with businesses.

Provides Consumer Intelligence

Every business wants to know what they can do to improve their goods and services to excel against their competitors and yours should be no different. Google My Business has a built in ability to provide your business with the information you need without any guesswork for how customers are reacting to your businesses.

You get unfiltered, immediate answers that can help you change your performance rapidly. Some customer reviews and feedback may be excruciating to read, but your knowledge of their perspective is a powerful tool that can be leveraged into better business performance.

Why Hire Us

Though digital marketing is an effective strategy for increasing your brand and sales potential, it can often be time consuming and requires a great degree of specialization to understand where your limited resources should go.

Bressette Marketing team has specialist with years of experience providing businesses with successful strategies over a variety of platforms. After careful evaluation of your business profile and goals we can provide you with unique ways of using Google My Business.